Hearing the sound of

the trolley’s bell, on Occidental

and Jackson, inspire me

to write some English 101

style prose – where you

go on describing things that

no one cares about as it just

gets in the way of the movement

of the story – because the

sound of that digital horn –

programmed to sound like

an old-fashioned ring that

we would have only heard in

movies – creates a guttural

nostalgia – that is clearly corporate

driven as there weren’t even

trolleys in Seattle when I was

growing up – and I’ll ride

that Trolly and feel like a kid

again until I remember that the

hospital is its and my

primary destination.

To be shared with Poets and Storytellers United at Friday Writings #70: Discovery.

7 thoughts on “Manufactured

  1. Nice writing, you wouldn’t have many red marks on this Writing 101 piece.
    As we grow older there seems to be too many trips to the hospital. A couple of weeks ago I went to the ER, I couldn’t have driven, no trolleys here either, ever, and the ride I had from an extra close relative was scary.

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